In the market for Oversized Wool Rugs

Hi everybody! I hope you’re all on a fantastic Holiday location relaxing and taking in the August sun…

We are stuck in the city trying to finalize selling our old apartment and buying another one. For a while, it was a bit of a Three Ring Circus (with lots of clowns…) but things have calmed down, and now we are letting the real estate lawyers “do their thing” and waiting for the two closing dates…

I was quick to declare the dining room complete and move on to the living room, until one reader correctly pointed out that I did not write about the rug I used in the dining room and the living room…

livingroom before and after - town and country bog

Lisa, thank you for slowing me down a bit. I will address it in today’s post…

Initially, as you can see from the above photo, I ordered a rug that was 8 x 12 feet…  I figured that if I had just the front legs of the furniture sit on the rug… it would be ok. Not so fast. It made the room look smaller.

A friend of mine asked me recently what is the rule when buying a rug. My rule is this  – the area covered by the rug has to be greater then the area not covered by the same rug- – Are you with me? In other words you should see more rug than uncovered floor space… It is what is esthetically pleasing to me… not sure if anybody else uses this guideline…

Have you ever looked for an oversized  wool rug on a budget? No? Neither have I. The truth is they are very difficult to find. If you have $100,000 sitting around you can find beautiful oversized rugs easily… I don’t, and this is why I looked at for an answer.

The rug you see in the first photo is an all wool Safavieh Majestic rug from Overstock and I bought it for $760… Luckily, when I went back to look for a larger one, they had one in the same pattern but a lot bigger at 12 x 18 feet and they were running a sale so I got it for $1020 (score!!) Here it is:

before and after rustic livingroom

I’m sorry I don’t have a better photo for you, but you can see it is wider and better proportioned for this room. I moved the smaller rug to the dining room and bought several runners in the same pattern for the adjoining areas… Here it is again:

town and country shuffle blog

and a closeup:

town and country shuffle blog - oversized rugs


I looked everywhere to find more options, but sadly only Overstock seems to offer large rugs at reasonable prices. Here are 2 other choices I considered from them:

interior design bog

this is 11×17 New Zealand Mahal wool rug at $1200


interior design blog

this one is 11×17 from Overstock as well… by Handmade Antiquities and only $807…

I know some of you come here for the home shopping posts, so just for you, I will include several more expensive oversized rug options. I hope you can afford them. For me they fall into the “When I win the lottery”

interior design blog

this one is 10×14 from Horchow for $7200

interior design blog

this 12×15 beauty is from Restoration Hardware for only $12500…


interior design blog

this is from Stephen Miller Gallery – no price listed – so if I have to ask it means I can’t afford it…

That is all for today. I hope you enjoyed the oversized wool rug market research… please let me know your favorite. I’m always curious to see how you perceive the items I chose for my country house…

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Be well, and enjoy the beautiful summer days we are having!

Thanks for stopping by…

Love to you all!






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2 Responses to In the market for Oversized Wool Rugs

  1. Did you visit Safavieh? You should…there is so much to choose from and great prices. Worth a visit. Cannot wait to see the room come together, love the idea of going with a more neutral looking rug. Have a great weekend!!

    • Emily says:

      Hi Tina! I did. I LOVE their rugs the problem is I needed a 15×20 rug and theirs are north of $10,000. Wish I could afford them, but I can’t. That would eat up my budget for this room :(

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