I love square coffee tables

Have you bought a coffee table lately? What did you base your decision on? Color? Material? Shape? Overall design?…

Hi everybody! I hope your week is going well…

We are on our way upstate to finally install our wooden shutters in the master bedroom… I have waited for them since March and I’m so  excited to see them. I will take photos and report back, but today I will show you the coffee table I chose for our living room in the country.

I haven’t bought a coffee table in so long, I can’t even remember… so when I started researching rustic coffee tables, I fell in love with square-shaped tables. I love the way a large square table anchors the entire living room… and no matter how you arrange your living room furniture, a square table will always remain the focus of the room…

Here is the one I liked the best. It is a two-tone reclaimed wood rustic coffee table, and although I wish the legs were the dark color and the body the light, I love it for being such an unusual design… It is 48″ square and really heavy…


town and country shuffle - reclaimed wood coffee table

 town and country shuffle blog - reclaimed wood coffee table

town and country shuffle - rustic coffee table

town and country shuffle blog - rustic reclaimed wood coffee table

So what do you think?  I’d love to hear your thoughts on this one. I struggled with the dark color a bit, because I did not want anything too dark in this room… but in the end I though it was special enough to buy it. It is from Kathy Kuo Home and the price was $485.

Here are some other contenders in this category:

town and country shuffle

this would have been my first choice, but it’s in the UK… from Rustic Oak company – the price is 599 British pounds


town and country shuffle blog

two-tone reclaimed wood table from Crate & Barrel $799


town and country blog

this one is from Atlas Wood Co. for $320 … very reasonable… and beautiful don’t you think?


town and country shuffle blog

from Laurel Crown $850


town and country shuffle blog

this table is a work of art… from MSTRF (etsy) for $799… just beautiful

That’s all for today…. let’s take a look at the before and after photos of this room:

livingroom before and after - town and country bog


town and country shuffle - rustic coffee table


While this room is coming together nicely, I have been planning an interview with a very talented interior designer whose work you might have seen in House Beautiful, Interior Design Review, and Houzz among many others…

Christina Sullivan Roughan

Her name is Christina Sullivan Roughan, owner of Roughan Interiors in Greenwich, CT… I hope to have the interview ready in just a few weeks. If you would like to see some of her beautiful work, click here

Until next time, I thank you all for following my “happy little blog”

warm regards from New York,



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2 Responses to I love square coffee tables

  1. Elly says:

    Ooh exciting re the shutters Emily, hope they went in great! Fab pick for the coffee table also, loving this style. And your round up also actually, every single one of them would do very nicely…

  2. Actually, I think I like the one you chose the best, although the one from Etsy is a close second. But I love how the legs on your table are at different angles, very clever.

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