Living room update… small rustic cabinets

Hello everybody! Are you enjoying the summer? It seems to go by so quickly! Hard to believe  August is just around the corner…

We are keeping busy trying to sell our place in the city and looking for another apartment to move our family into… It’s a fun process but not without the typical ups and downs… they say moving is one of the most stressful things in life… I say it is very exciting (a new place to decorate!) but also very very stressful…

Any who – last week I featured some of the cabinets I was considering for our living room in the country and today I want to show you what I actually “did”… notice I did not say “buy”  hmmm…

The cabinet I liked the most from last week’s roundup is this Crate & Barrel Bar  from the Marin collection:

rustic cabinet - town and coutry blog


I liked everything about it, but the problem is… it is a bar, and I need two units… and can’t justify buying two bars at $1299 a piece…  besides we are not big drinkers nor do we throw huge parties (anymore)… So I did the next best thing…

A while ago, I purchased 2 small cabinets from the same Marin Collection by Crate & Barrel and I was planning to use them as night stands in the master bedroom. Well,  I decided to re-purpose them for the living room instead and here they are:

small wooden cabinet

small wooden cabinet

small rustic cabinets

country livingroom

They are made of elm wood…with wood-on-wood joinery (no nails)… I love the rustic hardware and the interesting construction… and they hold my entire collection of Interior Decor magazines… Also, they are half the price of the bar cabinet…

So what do you think? Please leave me a short comment… I’d love to hear your thoughts.

I’m glad I stayed with a small-scale item on either side of the stone fireplace… It doesn’t take away from it and it gives us the extra storage room we need (always)… Can we ever have enough storage space ladies? I’ve never heard anyone ever complain about having too much storage space, have you? lol

Anyway, if you have missed the small rustic cabinets market research you can see it here

Let’s take a look at the before and after for this room:

livingroom before and after - town and country bog


country livingroom


I’m pretty happy with the way it’s starting to shape up… next, I will be doing a market research on coffee tables and leather club chairs… Sign up for updates if you haven’t already to see the next furniture additions…

Until then, have fun and enjoy the summer!

As always – thanks for visiting and following along!




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4 Responses to Living room update… small rustic cabinets

  1. Hi Emily!

    Your fireplace is gorgeous!!!!! No wonder you don’t want anything else to steal its glory! I think the cabinets look wonderful, a great choice and I love the wreath – just stunning. Thank you so much for your lovely message about my latest post, it means the world to me!!! Warmest of wishes – Glenda

    • Emily says:

      Thank you so much. It really makes that room, and it was one of the reasons I fell in love with this house…

  2. Elly says:

    Looking good Emily, what a transformation!! Nice job on the cabinets and I really do love those sconces very much also, gorgeous!

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