In the market for small rustic cabinets…

Hello everyone! How are you coping with this HEAT? I’m back in the city for an Open House on our apartment… I hope you’re staying cool and safe wherever you are.

I will continue working on the living room since we use this room the most. If you have been following my blog for  a while, you’ll remember the last update in the living room were the sconces. Here is what the last photo looked like.

Town + Country Shuffle livingroom

Town + Country Shuffle living room


To me, the most prominent feature of our living room is the 2 story high fire-place. It is about 6 feet wide and 20 feet high….

At one point I considered buying 2 tall book cases to put on either side of the fireplace since we have many books,

however, after giving it some thought, I decided to go with the opposite… two small rustic cabinets instead, because they would not compete with the fire-place in proportion… in fact, the contrast will highlight the large scale of this tall structure…

So here are the small rustic cabinets I found and considered:

This metal demilune metal cabinet is divine... the price is $587

This demilune metal cabinet from Wayfair is DIVINE… the price is $587


rustic cabinet - town and country shuffle blog

This one is from Room and Board for $1349  – I know it’s made in the USA… but ouch!


rustic cabinet - town and country shuffle

I’ve never heard of 406 West, have you? It is the company responsible for this cute cabinet – the price is $805


rustic cabinet - town and country shuffle

This country cabinet is from El Paso Rustics for $319


white washed cabinet - town and country shuffle

White washed reclaimed wood (my fave)  from Ebay for $719


rustic cabinet - town and coutry blog

This is actually a bar from Crate and Barrel for $1299… I love the look but can’t have 2 bars with toddlers running around…


Which one would you choose? Please do tell… I will show you my final choice next week…

Please sign up for weekly updates if you haven’t already. I love to have you join me in the shopping spree…

We’ll be going back up to the country to get out of the “city heat”… Until then, have a great Sunday and a lovely week!

See you all soon,

xo  Emily


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4 Responses to In the market for small rustic cabinets…

  1. Elly says:

    Fab round up Emily! Loving the last two the best – that whitewashed one is right up my street and the C&B one of course!

  2. […] Anyway, if you have missed the small rustic cabinets market research you can see it here […]

  3. Hi good luck escaping the heat though today is MUCH better. 1 and 3 get my vote but all are lovely!

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