How to make a twig frame mirror

Hello everybody, today I have a treat for the diy-ers out there… I will walk you through the steps (with photos) of How to make a twig frame mirror

but first I apologize for the long break, as I am experiencing some technical difficulties. I will publish the promised Real Estate Interview with Ronnie Rebis very soon.

I hope you all had a Happy Easter, Passover or whatever it is you’re celebrating during this beautiful time of year… Our “few days” at the “cabin” turned into an 8 day mini vacation, during which I finally finished a DIY project that had started collecting some “country dust”…

If you’ve read my blog for a while, you probably know that I tend to buy things I like, and later find a place or purpose for them in my house.

The same goes for this big oval twig wreath I found at Michael’s for $15 quite some time ago…

twig wreath mirror

I used stem wire, brown spray paint (any matte kind will do), Gorilla all purpose glue…and picture hanging wire (not shown)

spictures 002

and of course my trusted cordless Black & Decker drill…

spictures 009

I had my local glass store cut an oval shape mirror smaller than the wreath (so the edges would be covered)

spictures 006

…and I had the local lumber store cut a piece of 1/4″ thick plywood in a similar shape but wider then the mirror by 1″ in the center…you will need this area to drill holes for the hanging and the stem wires which will hold the wreath to the plywood…

spictures 008

spictures 007

I marked the holes for the hanging and the stem wires…

spictures 011

…and drilled the holes big enough for the wire to pass thru…but no wider – because they are so close to the edge I did not want the plywood to break

(the finished mirror is quite heavy – it weights 32 lbs)spictures 013

Then I took “the show” on to the back porch… and spread some old newspapers on the ground…

I applied 2 coats of spray paint on the edges –  letting it dry in between (I wiped the inside only because my spray paint has some texture to it and I did not want that to interfere with the glue later) spictures 020

I let the paint dry over night and first I threaded the hanging wire…

spictures 024

I applied the glue in a circular pattern on the back of the mirror… I wish I had applied less however, since this glue really does expand 3-4 times from its original volume…

spictures 029

Then I inverted the mirror onto the plywood and put a basket of  fire wood on top (because I do not own clamps)…

and let it cure overnight…

spictures 032

now it’s time to attach the twig wreath to the plywood – I threaded the wire from the back of the mirror to the front catching a few twigs,

and then pulled it back down and then back through again..( this is a lateral view – I put paper behind the wires just so you can see them better)

spictures 034

 then I pulled the wires tight, twisted them a few times on the back …

spictures 038

 and cut them with a heavy-duty pair of scissors…

spictures 040

and voilà!

spictures 041

And here is the Twig Frame Mirror in its temporary home in my entryway…

spictures 044

spictures 046

It took a bit more effort than I had originally thought, but I’m very pleased with the outcome…What do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments.

Before I started this project I did some research on the internet on How to make a twig frame mirror and didn’t find any  :(  ….

so I hope this tutorial is helpful for those of you who are interested in making this. If you do make it, please email me a photo – I’d love to see how it comes out

Tomorrow, I will be leaving for Paris  for a short RR+I trip…(rest, relaxation and inspiration) with my dear friend K – this has become a yearly trip for us, which I look forward to all (NY cold) winter long…

Can’t wait to come back and share some French Home Decor finds with you.

Until then, thanks for visiting and following along !

xo Emily

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3 Responses to How to make a twig frame mirror

  1. Elly says:

    Nice job Emily!!! What a rustic chic and bargainous mirror, and it looks fantastic how you’ve styled it also. Thanks for the DIY how to, think I might need to give that a go…

    Sorry to hear you’ve been having troubles with my blog, will look into that.

    • Emily says:

      Hi Elly, you know, I did some research to find a mirror like this ready made. But could not find one. Can’t wait to see your new apt updates. How is it coming along?

  2. nadia sulaiman says:

    emily, the mirror turned out beautiful……..
    your how to steps are easy to follow…….
    looks fab on your wall….
    have a great time in paris……
    may you come back with a head full of inspiration!!!

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