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Hello everybody and Happy Spring!

While I stopped blogging for a while (for many reasons) I never slowed down on Pinterest, as I find it relaxing, educational and practical…

Recently, I posted the items below and over 200 members re-pinned them in under an hour so I guess they ring true with a lot of people and are worth sharing…





Click here to see more of my Wisdom Pinterest board if this peaked your curiosity…  or visit this link:


Warm regards from New York,


Please vote for my dining room at The Enchanted Home…

Hello everybody! I have entered a contest called “Dining room love” hosted by Tina from one of my favorite blogs The Enchanted Home. My photo is the very first one. Could you please vote for me? It takes 20 seconds… Just scroll to the bottom and choose option #1.

The website is:     www.TheEnchantedHome. co     (without an ‘m’ at the end)

town and country shuffle blog

Thanks so much! I’ll let you know if I win.



My appologies for vanishing and a quick update…

Hello Everybody! How have you been?

I wish I could say Happy Spring, but here in New York temperatures are still below freezing and we are still getting some snow upstate…

First of all, I have to apologize for vanishing of the face of blog land for the last few months… I’ve missed posting and communicating with all of you. I hope everybody is doing well.

Between selling and buying a new apartment, the move + unpacking, our kids starting a new school, the COLDEST winter in the northeast (in my memory anyway) and some technical difficulties with my blog, writing here has taken a back seat…

But all is well  now. We love our new home, the kids are settled into their new routine, we are learning about our new neighborhood and loving where we’ve “landed”… and like many of you I’m sure, we are SOOOO looking forward to some warm Spring days…

town and country shuffle blog


I will be back blogging soon with some photos of the old apartment, and some updates from the country house and a few  new recipes…

Until then, I wish you all the best…

xo  emily

The Window Shutters are in. A Master Bedroom sneak peek…

On our last trip upstate, I took photos of the new window shutters we had recently installed in the Master Bedroom.

Happy Sunday everyone! Did you have a great weekend?

I love this cool and crisp weather we are having in the North East… It was cold enough in the country last week to make the first fire of the season!

I am SO excited to finally get our shutters. We ordered them back in March, and because they are custom made… and  because we had a busy summer, the installation dates got pushed back week after week…

First, let’s take a look at the Master Bedroom before:

window shutters - town and country shuffle


This photo was taken the first night we spent in the house… notice the mattress is on the floor  : )

The curtains you see in the photo were left by the previous owner. It was very kind of her, but I did not like them… To those, we added temporary blackout curtains, because the bedroom gets a lot of sun in the morning and it was waking up the twins a bit too early – not good!

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A cozy reading spot… Shopping for a Sofa and Chaise combination…

Today I want to show you my market research for the sofa with chaise combination I want for our living room in the country…

Hi everyone! I hope you had a great holiday weekend.

Ours was a quiet one, spent in the city… the weather here was a bit unpleasant with high humidity and constant overcast… But that is behind us now, and we are looking to 4 very busy weeks ahead with one trip upstate, 2 real estate closings and one big move…

Are you ready for some furniture shopping? This is what I had in mind when I thought of buying a sofa:

A cozy reading spot by the fire...

Ahh… a cozy reading spot by the fire…


One of my absolute favorite things to do in the country is to relax with a book  or a magazine and a cup of tea by a crackling fire… Since we do not have any TV or internet there, we tend to read a lot with our kids in the evenings… a sofa with chaise combination seems like a good idea right?

Once I made the decision that I  MUST have a chaise, I struggled with it because it throws the entire floor plan on its head.. it alters the symmetry of the room and arranging the furniture becomes a challenge. But I was willing to work with it and figure it out…

My criteria for buying a new sofa is based more on “function” then “form” this time…

  • must have a chaise – so it will be a sectional
  • the chaise has to be generous in size so our feet will not hang over when you seat down – that means better maker, higher price…
  • it has to be child friendly – that means microfiber not linen, which is what I would like (not happy about this, but I have no choice… parents out there understand)
  • the total length has to be taller than my husband’s 6’3″ Scandinavian frame, because he tends to take short “power naps” on the couch, or sometimes one of us ends up  there with a crying child in the middle of the night…

Here is where we left off in the living room after the last additions – the distressed leather chairs:

distressed leather chairs - town and country shuffle blog

And these are the options I considered:


Room and Board 2700 - over 30 kinds not one with a roll arm

No. 1 – This sofa is from one of my favorite furniture companies Room & Board for $2700… but it is a bit too modern for the country…



sofa with chaise sectional

No. 2 – Pottery Barn Pearce system. It looks small in these photos, but they are generous in size. The price is $2180 for this combination and they stock it in Microfiber…

sofa withe chaise

No. 3 – this is from Crate And Barrel and it comes in 23 colors…the price is $2293

sofa and chaise combination - town and country shuffle blog

No. 4 – is from Dwell Studio for $5900… beautiful but a bit pricey and I don’t like the 3 pillows across


sofa and chaise combo - town and country shuffle

No. 5 – this is from Wayfair for $2400. They do not have a store, so I could not go to see it in person like I did with the others. I order a lot on line, but a sofa is not something I would buy without testing it first…


sofa and chaise combo - town and country shuffle

No. 6 – this is from Restoration Hardware. The price varies from $24-4300 depending on the fabric. I love the rolled arm…and it comes in 10 colors


sofa and chaise combo - town and country shuffle blog

I had to include this one from Dwell Studio for $10,000 just for fun. Looks very chic but the price just makes me laugh… I’m sure it is well made, but 10,000 is my budget for the entire room… lol

Macys 1600

 Which one would you choose? After trying them all, I have a favorite… I will show you my choice next week so please sign up here if you would like to receive an update…

Also, next week I will bring you my interview with interior designer Christina Sullivan Roughan, which is full of good information, so stay tuned…

We are off to the country for 5 days… where a few small projects are in the works… This time I will photograph the new shutters and give you a sneak peek into the Master Bedroom progress…

Until then, thanks for visiting!

Have a lovely end of summer weekend!



first photo via Pinterst


We have a Winner and Happy Labor Day!

Hello everybody! How is your holiday weekend turning out?

I wish we could be in the country right now, but we had to stay in  the city, because my DH is on call… We’ll make the best of it though and pick up some BBQ food at a local restaurant and have a picnic in Central Park tomorrow if the weather holds up…

I just wanted to thank all those who participated in my first ever giveaway.

town and country shuffle blog shop

To me the best part about blogging is connecting with and getting to know the readers.

I, like many readers sometimes would rather skim over, keep quiet and move on to the next site… Too many blogs – so little time… So I really do appreciate those who reach out and write a few words.  I wish I could send you all this beautiful tray… but today there is only one winner…

So without further ado…  Drum roll please! The winner of this Giveaway is:

Connie H.  –   “Love the tray plus all of your ideas!  We too are in the midst of buying/selling properties.  Reading your blog provides welcome “me” time.”


Congrats Connie! Please contact me with your address and the tray will be on its way to you on Tuesday. BTW – it is beautiful and well made, I own one too…

That’s all for this short post.

If you would like to buy this slate tray, you can find it in my on line SHOP

I think there are two or three more left…

To see more of my future furniture shopping and decorating, sign up HERE for weekly updates…

I wish you all a very Happy Labor Day Weekend! I hope you are with your loved ones, celebrating the end of a great summer, getting some well deserved rest…and having lots of fun!

See you all soon!



Rustic Living Room Ideas

As promised, today I want to bring you some beautiful Rustic Living Room Ideas.

Hello my dear readers! How is your week going? Is anybody ready for Labor day? I haven’t had time to even think about it…

We have been very productive though, and with all the challenges and stress thrown our way during these real estate transactions, we seem to keep going and moving on to the next step… I promise to have some  photos of our New York City apartment as soon as we are done with the sale… so register for updates if you are interested in seeing them…

As I have told you in a earlier post, Pinterest aka “My Happy Place” has inspiration galore in just about anything you can think of.

A while ago I started a group board called “Rustic Chic – Weekend Home” with just 85 photographs. Today, thanks to a small group of talented women  with a sharp eye for design, we have over 2400 photographs of Rustic Interiors where one can find inspiration for any room of the house…

Since I am in the middle of decorating our living room, I thought it would be a good idea to show you how I gather my inspiration for our country house… here are a few of my favorite rooms from this beautiful board:

rustic living room - town and country shuffle blog

No. 1

rustic livingroom - town and country shuffle blog


rustic livingroom - town and country shuffle blog

No. 3

rustic living room - town and country shuffle blog

No. 4

rustic livingroom - town and country shuffle blog

No. 5

rustic living room - town and country shuffle blog

No. 6

rustic living room - town and country shuffle blog

No. 7

rustic living room - town and country shuffle blog

No. 8

rustic living room - town and country shuffle blog

No. 9

rustic living room - town and country shuffle blog

No. 10

rustic living room - town and country shuffle blog

No. 11

rustic living room - town and country shuffle blog

No. 12

rustic living room - town and country shuffle blog

No. 13

rustic living room - town and country shuffle blog

No. 14

  I love all these photos for different reasons,  but my favorite are No. 5 & 11…  I’d LOVE to know which one is your favorite… Please do tell !

Remember there is still time to qualify for the Slate Tray Giveaway, by leaving a comment on any recent post… I will announce the winner in just a few days… You can have a closer look at it in my online SHOP

Rustic Slate tray giveaway - just leave a comment on Town And Country Shuffle blog to win

A special thanks to all the ladies who pin on our “Rustic Chic – Weekend Home” board, namely Nikki Hill, Ossi  Atar, Clara Prats, Tonya Bundy, Joyce MacFarlane, Kathleen Vizard, Zoe Accatto, Evi Elsner, Judy Wayne, Zoe Ainscough, Pat Taratoot, Diana Kamarinos, Carolyn Norton, Eva Kamtsiouri, Amy Halliday, Susan Hughes, Jodi Mots, Maria Madelena, Victoria March, Madonna Cowley Stairs and Crissi Babine.

You all inspire me everyday, and I can’t thank you enough! Joyce and Evi are interior designers, and Zoe and Crissi are fellow bloggers… if you click on their names you will be taken to their respective websites.

I hope you enjoyed this post and found some inspiration for your own decorating projects… Next up, I will show you my search for a couch and chaise lounge for our living room in the country. Please register to follow along if you haven’t already…

Until then,

Have a great week!



If you would like to see more of the “Rustic Chic – Weekend Home” board, click here

All photos Via Pinterest


My first GIVEAWAY! plus distressed leather armchairs research part 2

Today I want to share with you the other distressed leather armchairs I found in my search… and announce my first ever GIVEAWAY!!

Happy Saturday morning to you! How have you been?

Our lives are in a bit of a limbo as we’ve  already sold our NY City apartment and recently put an offer on another… It is a funny feeling of “trying to stand in two boats” as my father would say… but it’s all good and exciting, and we are looking forward to moving to a bigger space and settle in before the holidays (and not during)…lol

Last week, I showed you the distressed leather chairs I bought for our living room… If you want to see the entire post  click here

livingroom Town and Country Shuffle blog - before and after

Today I wanted to show you the rest of the leather chairs I’ve come across in my research. They are all beautiful and would not mind owning either one of them. So here is goes:

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Distressed leather armchairs market research

Hello there! How is everybody doing? Today I want to show you the distressed leather armchairs I bought for our living room in the country, but before that, I have a quick  announcement to make…

A record number of readers signed up in the last 6 days to follow my humble little blog (and the numbers keep going up)… 154 people in 6 days to be exact, and I could not be happier about it! I want to say a Warm Welcome to you all and thank you for showing interest in my country house decorating project. I am glad you’re here… I will try to keep a good pace and make things fun and interesting. Please feel free to chime in at any time! I love love love reading comments from readers. It makes blog writing more of a fun dialogue than a lonely monologue…

Now back to furniture shopping… A long time ago, while on a business trip to London, I fell in love with distressed leather armchairs, and of course I made a mental note that someday I must own one, but since our NYC apartment had enough furniture, I thought it would be great to own one or two in the country….

town and country shuffle - rustic coffee table


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Rustic tomatoes and caramelized onions tart

I made this rustic tomatoes and caramelized onions tart for our friends who joined us for lunch in the country last week… It is light, delicious and easy to make…

Hello everybody! I hope you’re having a fab weekend… The weather in New York is perfect! Not too hot, not too cold… perfect humidity… There aren’t many days like this at the end of the summer, so I think we’ll head out to Central Park for a picnic today… But first, I wanted to share this recipe with you:

tomatoes and onions tart - town and country shuffle blog

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I love square coffee tables

Have you bought a coffee table lately? What did you base your decision on? Color? Material? Shape? Overall design?…

Hi everybody! I hope your week is going well…

We are on our way upstate to finally install our wooden shutters in the master bedroom… I have waited for them since March and I’m so  excited to see them. I will take photos and report back, but today I will show you the coffee table I chose for our living room in the country.

I haven’t bought a coffee table in so long, I can’t even remember… so when I started researching rustic coffee tables, I fell in love with square-shaped tables. I love the way a large square table anchors the entire living room… and no matter how you arrange your living room furniture, a square table will always remain the focus of the room…

Here is the one I liked the best. It is a two-tone reclaimed wood rustic coffee table, and although I wish the legs were the dark color and the body the light, I love it for being such an unusual design… It is 48″ square and really heavy…


town and country shuffle - reclaimed wood coffee table

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In the market for Oversized Wool Rugs

Hi everybody! I hope you’re all on a fantastic Holiday location relaxing and taking in the August sun…

We are stuck in the city trying to finalize selling our old apartment and buying another one. For a while, it was a bit of a Three Ring Circus (with lots of clowns…) but things have calmed down, and now we are letting the real estate lawyers “do their thing” and waiting for the two closing dates…

I was quick to declare the dining room complete and move on to the living room, until one reader correctly pointed out that I did not write about the rug I used in the dining room and the living room…

livingroom before and after - town and country bog

Lisa, thank you for slowing me down a bit. I will address it in today’s post…

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